He is one of Danish motorsport's best drivers, which he has proven over many years - with championships and numerous heat victories, among others. in Denmark's king-class, DTC and in V8 Thunder Cars.

It can only be good!

Dette sker efter et år som ”ny” i Dansk Super GT hvor en 2. plads og team mesterskab var bedste resultater.

Career highlights include 4 x DM titles (Legend Cup, DEC as well as Super GT and DTC team championships), as well as winning the Britcar 24hr at Silverstone, England in an Aston Martin GT4! See more at www.mikkelc.com.

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Huracán GT3 EVO 2 

Engine: 5,2 L V10, 640 HP (ex. BOP)

Chassis: Hybrid chassis made of aluminium and carbon fiber

Gear: 6 speed sequential gearbox by Hör, pneumactically controlled by paddleshift

Downforce: splitter, diffuser floor and adjustable rear wing,

Weight: 1230 kg